January 10, 2019 Ivan Ellin

"Who’s Next Barber Shop is by far one of the best shops I’ve ever been to! Alex and his team are very customer service oriented and will make sure you’re treated with respect during your experience. Who’s Next is very detail oriented and put Quality over Quantity. Whether you’re looking for something quick or something fancy, this is the place to go! Highly recommended!"
December 10, 2018 Michael

"This is a great shop that has the old school, classic vibe of a real barber shop. I've been going to Dominick once a week for roughly two years and I have never been disappointed. He knows how to give a great haircut and he is a master of the razor fade. I am extremely critical of my haircuts but Dominick will always impress. He is also a true professional that provides excellent service, builds relationships, and values his clients. I wouldn't trust another barber to cut my hair the day before such an important event as my wedding."
December 10, 2018 Joe A.

"First of all great location... right off the 101 and Shea.Dom has been my barber for a year or so and when you finally find the best, you will never let anyone else trim your head/beard again. Super attentive, friendly, and you get to know him quickly.I have been growing a beard for 5+ years and when it just got out of hand I would shave it down to stubble and just rinse and repeat. After finally finding the right barber I will never shave my beard off again.The way Dom is able to freehand and sculpt a mustache and beard is phenomenal and his haircuts are second to none. Cannot recommend him more.Lastly, it is always nice to be welcomed with a strong handshake, a "how you doing", followed by a "would you care for a beer"."
November 1, 2018 Tim

"Loving this new location. So convenient for me in the Arcadia area. Alex and his staff always do the best job and his prices are so fair compared to the competitors in the area. I highly recommend!"
November 1, 2018 Mike Z.

"Came in to the new location for the first time today. I usually go to the location on Shea, but the new spot is close to work for me. As usual, perfect haircut and good conversation. Nice to have two options for locations, I highly recommend checking them out. You won't regret it."
Who's Next Barber Shop